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6th-Oct-2007 01:28 am - Meme & Updates
Gacked from adamolupin

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you attempted, and strike through what you couldn't stand. Add an asterisk* to those you've read more than once. Underline those on your to-read list. If you haven't heard of them, just leave 'em alone.

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5th-Oct-2007 12:40 am - Travel Updates :-D
Hello my lovely f-list,

Since I'm utterly refusing to bow to this "time zone adjustment" phase that everyone (and my poor body) harps on about, I thought that I'd give you all an update on my trip so far. Because I want to bore you to tears *nods*.

The trip here was a little bit of a nightmare. It was mostly of my own making though - I went round Carol's after work and had a pint with her and Ali, got too comfortable and fell asleep until about 11, when she nudged me awake and said "As much as I like having you here James...don't you have a plane to catch in like, six hours? Come to think of it, don't you still have to pack?"

Hum. After mulling it through I realise that I did in fact have a plane to catch in a very short space of time, had a coach to catch before that, had to pack before that, and I had absolutely no frakking idea where my passport was. I'm a beacon of organisation you see, and this kind of thing is very important to me. So therefore it certainly wasn't a mad rush to find clothes, wallets, phones (which had a message from The Family asking why I wasn't at dinner...again...oops) and everything else before hurrying out of the door and pretty much running home.

To cut a long story short (because you still have a LONG way to go, faithful readers), I managed to get home, iron all my shit, pack it, and eventually find my passport at about 1.30 in the morning, festering in the bag I used for my last trip to Amsterdam. Actually I think it wanted to be found...my precioussssss little ticket to foreign. Managed to get a few hours kip before I caught the coach to Heathrow at 4.55.

It all went fine then, got on the plane and everything, except I swear to god that once people check their luggage in, it's like they receive an instant lobotomy. Seriously, I sat down on the plan and had this ashen old man next to me, who immediately proceeded to put his hand on my thigh. I looked at him, and was like "Um...dude...it's not the second date yet." He looked at me, I looked at his hand, he removed it with a mumble of something (I think it was an apology, but it could have been a proposition - either way I wasn't really interested) and the plane journey continued. We landed an hour late, but I didn't mind all that much. Managed to disembark, smoked about fifty cigarettes before I found a bus that would take me into the city. Got on it, it pulled out, and what happened?

The fucking thing broke down. Honest to god, it was leaking fuel while it was parked. So we had to wait for a new bus to come, driven by the craziest Chinese motherfucker I've ever seen in my life. He started picking fights with like...everyone. Anyway, got into Manhattan finally, and boarded the wrong tube, so I had to walk across the island to get to my hostel.

So yeah, bit of a nightmare so far, but it got good after that. I checked in, expecting to find the kind of room that Robert Downey Jr might spend one of his crazy weekends in, but it's actually quite nice. Lockable doors, double bed, fridge and sink, and a closet. Not bad for $340 for four nights really, and the neighbourhood's not that bad. After I acclimatised myself, I went in search of beer, and found it in the form of an Irish pub. Original, I know, but I went in...and can I say, I'm wearing my London Irish shirt everywhere. Seriously, fucking everywhere.

I got bought drinks like, all night. The barmaid bought me most of them, a fact that I'll most likely be leaving out to Carol, haha. Awesome night. Anyway, stumbled home, fell into bed and woke up this morning on a mission to sort all my shit out. You see, I remembered to pack nail clippers and a very peculiar coloured sock (just one, mind), but no underpants. I was officially an undies-less man, half a man one might say. So I got everything sorted out, went to the Statue of Liberty and all that jazz, pics to follow when I get back to Blighty (since I've had to use my phone as a camera - left my actual digicam at home in another underpants episode).

In the evening, I met dazed_hopes from work, and we went out for a meal, before walking about forty blocks from Times Square to West 95th. Had an awesome time, she's a really nice person and a good laugh, we're having a cinema day tomorrow.

So yeah, it's been highly successful so far. Having, literally, one of best times of my life. I love this city so much, it might smell permanently of urine, but I've got a real connection to it - and it doesn't help that it's like, 26 degrees here. Middle of October and I'm walking around at 9pm in a t-shirt...doesn't get much better than that.

Hope you're all doing well. To my friends in flawed_plans...I'll post when I get back :D

- J
23rd-Sep-2007 01:31 pm - RP Pimpage

Gameplay started on September 22nd
Did you love DH but not the Epilogue? Are you a veteran RPer who is tired of stagnated Main Characters, unbalanced ratios of fluff and smut, godmodding, Mary/Gary Stus and dropped threads? Or perhaps you're new to RPing and want to get your feet wet in a laid back environment.
Flawed Plans might just be the RPG home you are looking for.
We are friendly, quality writers looking for like-minded players. This is an epic game spanning the entire Wizarding World with active plots planned at timed intervals.
We seek active, long-term, cooperative players for our main character slots and have a large offering of characters for new and/or casual of players also to fit limited play time schedules! Roles that encompass everything from support characters to goblins in Gringotts!

Flawed Plans RPG | Game Rules | Gameplay Parameters | Character Listing | Character Application | FP Accepted Apps (reference) | FP OOC/Smut Comm | FP Watchers
Applications should be emailed to: FP Council
It's been two years since the Battle of Hogwarts and the celebrations, funerals and trials have finally died down and while some Death Eaters slipped through the fingers of Ministry Aurors, still others, like Lucius Malfoy, were pardoned on the leverage of wealth and family power - to the outraged protests of the Order of the Phoenix.
Gringotts has limped along while continuing the excavations of the lowest level of vaults destroyed by the dragon's release while Diagon Alley bounced back into full swing with nary a hiccup but repairs to the Hogwarts castle continue amidst classes held on the lawn or in dusty, far-flung forgotten rooms of the fortress.
Rumors abound of Imperio'd members of society infiltrating every level of the Ministry, St. Mungo's and the Board of Governors. Kingsley Shacklebolt has been the temporary Minister for Magic for two years but remains hampered by a political process heavily influenced by greed and prestige. It is only a matter of time before an election is forced upon the Wizarding World.
As the Wizarding world tries to forget the evil that nearly extinquished their world, structural repairs at Hogwarts have finally reached the Room of Requirement and something very strange is happening…
Gameplay started on September 22nd! Still have many open characters, including the Trio! Come and take a look!
15th-Sep-2007 04:06 am - RWC
My god.

What a fucking shocking display from England tonight. Who would have thought we were world champions eh?

I just hope Ireland manage to pull one out of the hat.
14th-Sep-2007 10:17 am - Happy Birthday...
To syven!!!

Have a great day, cariad :)
11th-Sep-2007 09:57 am - Rugby and other assorted items
Morning all!

Despite the fact that I woke up half-clothed on my keyboard this morning, frantically attempting to rearrange the devastating effects of coming in smashed from the night before whilst wondering what that vaguely garlic kebab-like smell hovering around my room was, I'm surprisingly chipper.

The reasons for this are henceforth:

Firstly, the rugby. I've had an excellent weekend of nothing but seeing grown men wrestle each other to the floor over a small elliptical object. Italy were greased up and raped by New Zealand to start off with, in one of the most shocking displays of professional rugby I've seen in a long time. I missed the Japan game to go down the gym, but I've been told it was fairly similar. In the evening, it was the USA versus England. What a game for the Yanks, you guys (since I think I'm one of the only British people on my f-circle) played really, really well. In fact, I think that the scoreline deserved to be a bit more level than 28-10, and we apologise whole-heartedly for Vickery. That just wasn't cricket. But then again, neither was the spectacular spear tackle that looked more like something out of Ultimate Fighting Championship than the RWC, so we're even I think. Still, we have a lot to do if we're to avoid the slick, screaming fate of the Romans in our Friday match against the Springboks.

Sunday saw much of the same, in fact more, since there were FOUR games back to back from lunchtime until nearly bed time. Samoa/RSA was a very good game to watch, very physical and entertaining. Scotland played remarkably well against the Portugese, and the less that's said about my beloved Ireland's performance the better, really. And while we're on the subject, good for you Canada! You nearly had the Welsh crying like the little girls we all know they are. Shame you gave in after the second half like Robert Downey Jr. fresh out of rehab.

The second reason for my good mood is last night. It was Ben's birthday, we were all so tragically bleary-eyed that it was often difficult to distinguish between friend and foe, man and woman, pint and ashtray. Although fortunately, Ben had the presence of mind when the delightful hookers that hang around near his place offered him a birthday treat, he replied with 'No. Absolutely not.' Before falling over and having us carry him back to his flat. He perked up a bit, and much enjoyment was had with a tragically ill-advised game of 'Ring of Fire' (trust me, I found out this morning that the name isn't just figurative) before several of our stalwart number succumbed to the alluring whispers of unconsciousness, chief among them the birthday boy.

But did we give in? Did we fuck.

Myself and a few of our more enterprising friends decided that the festivities shouldn't end, including one who, amongst many other faults, doesn't drink and unfortunately had his van parked outside. With a few moments of drunken searching (read: ransacking) and an impromptu game of 'If you have the beer can, you get sacked by everyone still able to stand' (which we loosely translated as lagerboy rugby) we found Ben's passport, managed to get a hold of his poor, long-suffering fiancee and inform her of what was about to happen. At 3am. The plan was set in motion.

I say a plan, essentially we just bundled him into the back of the van, still unconscious, and those who didn't have to work today set off in the vague direction of France.

Hell, I didn't think they'd make it, until I got a phone call at 8am this morning from a very haggard, very ill sounding Mr. Allen saying "I don't like it here Jim, everything's in fucking french and I can't find my jeans."

I'm amazed they actually made it. I'm impressed they actually made it. More than anything else though, I'm slightly worried, since his darling fiancee said that she holds me personally accountable (it was only my idea, I didn't execute it!) and I shall shortly lose the ability to sire children. Or as she put it, 'further contaminate the gene pool with your idiocy.' Such a delightful woman.

I just had a text from Ben again, apparently he's insisting they get duty free wine, rather than beer. For a man who drinks Carling and munches chocolate digestives like a depressed Courtney Love, he's certainly pushing the boat out.
8th-Sep-2007 12:10 pm - RWC!
Rugby World Cup begins today :D (Well, technically it began yesterday, but I count today as the start - GO ARGENTINA by the way!)

Oh yes gentle f-list, a whole month of my favourite game, all the time :D England play the USA tonight at 5.00 GMT. New Zealand are playing Italy shortly.

4th-Sep-2007 11:10 pm(no subject)
Here you are adamolupin, could only grab a few before everything went mental at work.

Imagine Office shitCollapse )

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On another note, omg, how long was today? Suffice it to say, I wanted to kill myself at the end of it. Or at least drown my sorrows at the pub, but no. Stupid detox.

And how have I not discovered the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice before? Talk about easy viewing. So nice to watch something and not have to analyse it. Good stuff it is, buy it you all should. syven you should watch it.

Bed, I think. After comics.
4th-Sep-2007 12:59 am - Mememe
Gacked from like, everyone. THE ALPHABET OF ME!

To catch up...

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3rd-Sep-2007 11:59 pm - Office
Just because I promised adamolupin, I went hunting for at least one pic from my office.

I'll spam tomorrow :D Yay for me being LJ-upgraded again by the way, and I BOOKED NEW YORK! I MIGHT STOP TALKING IN CAPS ONE DAY TOO. BUT NOT TODAY, MY FRIENDS.

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